About Realign Medical

Realign Medical Products

Realign is a registered company. It began developing prefabricated and prescription orthotics for Podiatrist in 1994. In consultation with Podiatrists and Orthotic Technicians, Realign has developed a range of prefabricated orthotics which offers a unique approach to orthotic prescription.
A purpose built manufacturing and despatch facility in South Western Sydney offers the ideal support for this product. Additional international manufacturing facilities and agents in three countries provides the backbone for the Realign brand.


Realign is dedicated to the design and development of pre-fabricated orthotics that allow for customised prescription to meet an individual's needs. Realign achieves these goals by utilising over 20 years of orthotic manufacturing experience, technologically advanced materials, and feedback from end users and Podiatrists alike. The Realign range provides orthotic excellence from children to the aged and the sports enthusiast alike.

Our Staff

All staff employed by Realign undergo extensive and regular training and have the necessary experience in Podiatric and allied medical fields with a complete understanding of orthotic manufacturing. This ensures that we can offer the optimum in prefabricated Orthotic Technology.