Sports Flex

We have re-engineered our popular Realign Sports and Realign Ultra-Flex models to create a new product - the Realign Sports Flex. Sports Flex features a multi-density construction that allows for customised prescription providing alignment of the foot and lower limb.

Sports Flex Innersole

Technical Details

The new Realign Sports Flex has been thoughtfully re-engineered to offer a number of new benefits. We have tweaked the flexibility of the polypropylene, adjusted the density of the EVA and removed the cambrelle bottom cover to allow for an easier adjustment of the orthotics. In addition, we have also simplified the sizing process. There are no longer 8 sizes for both Men and Women; we have redesigned our grading system to offer a combined sizing profile of just 5 sizes for both. Children’s sizes have also been re-graded and are now grouped in 4 sizes. All orthotics are now individually packaged and are provided with a 3mm full length neoprene cover (pair).

  • Customised Prescription - Allows for modification to cater for patient’s needs. Easy to grind polypropylene shell, EVA heel post and arch filler.

  • Tri Density Construction - Flexible polypropylene orthotic shell combines with EVA 400 rear-foot post and EVA 260 contoured arch filler for optimum support and stability

  • Support - 14mm heel cup height helps stabilise the heel for maximum support

  • 2 layer low temperature moulded thermoplastic shell

  • Cushioning - Full length 3mm neoprene top cover for shock absorption and moisture wicking

Available For:


Mens - - - - 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13
Womens - - - 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 -
Childrens 11-12 13-1 2-3 4-5 - - - -


All orthotics are now individually packaged and are provided with 1 pair of 3mm full length neoprene top-covers.

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