Instructions for Use of Orthotics

  • All orthotic devices require a wearing in phase; the Podiatrist should provide the guidelines for the initial wearing of the device. You may have to break-in the orthotics by increasing the wearing time by an hour each day. You should be able to wear them full-time after approximately two weeks of usage.

  • Do not play sport in your orthotics until you can wear them comfortably all day. Otherwise, blisters may result. Slight muscle or knee soreness may occur and should settle within a week.

  • Continued knee pain, leg soreness or blistering may require a review and possible adjustment. You should contact your Podiatrist.

  • Deformed or excessively worn shoes should not be worn as they counteract the effect of the orthotics.

  • Do not attempt to adjust the orthotics yourself - contact your Podiatrist.

  • The orthotics can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Caution should be taken when drying. Keep away from intense heat, particularly in the car.

  • It may have taken years for your problem to develop and symptoms may have been present for some time - orthotics will not cure a problem overnight.

  • It is recommended that reassessment occur at 6-12 months intervals, this may vary on the condition being treated, when the foot grows or when a new and/or different model shoe is purchased. Your Podiatrist will advise you on a recommended reassessment time frame.

  • It is important to maintain contact with your Podiatrist when using your orthotics, if you have any concerns, contact your Podiatrist.